Dr. Franziska Höfer

Coaching & Training

Dr. Franziska Höfer

Coaching & Training


My Coaching-Competences

I am at your side and together we will find new ways of achieving your individual goals. Together we will define your personal career goals and turn your opportunities into success.


The right approach for your needs.



It is time to be respectful, appropriate and effective in dealing with your own strengths and talents. That is the only way to ensure trouble-free teamwork in the long run. Together you will grow together as a team in one of my workshops.

1:1 Coaching

Achieving your goals.

In a personal coaching session, the two of us will explore your goals and find solutions tailored to your needs. Become more aware of your resources, your own timing, your performance curves and your need for reflection. I will accompany you on your way through the change and be your sparring partner in finding solutions to conflicts.



Teamwork benefits greatly from neutral facilitation. I accompany your discussions and visualise the results that you and your team are producing. Your focus topics are processed and ineffective disturbances are minimized.


A selection of my workshop offers in the medical field.

Clear is Kind

Clear communication and feedback in stressful daily life

This workshop covers all aspects of hectic and stress in day-to-day medical practice. Increased patient waiting times (which create pressure), patients who are more demanding and critical (who want to be addressed in a service-oriented manner) and team colleagues (who need to be navigated through the daily practice routine with motivation) require highly communicative skills. The keys to these skills are clarity and respect. We address these topics in short theoretical units and joint practical exercises.

Courage is contagious

How empathy and courage can solve conflicts

Conflicts and everything that goes along with them are discussed in this workshop. How do conflicts arise and what are the classic phases of a conflict? If we look closely at these patterns we will find five ways to solve conflicts. This workshop also includes an excursus into the anatomy of trust (how and why we trust others and others trust us) and a guide on how to decipher body language.

Teamspirit and Motivation

Working together - Growing together

This workshop focuses on you as a team. The aim is to optimally use synergy effects. Goals, values and visions of the individual team members are visualized and the team spirit is strengthened. At the same time, a creative actual state of the team is assessed and the future is defined together. The team learns to ask questions in an empathic way and thereby to develop itself and other people.


Focused on your specific needs.

Cocreative teamwork

Living consequent communication

Throw off disorientation

Identifying growth opportunities

Change supervision

Develop personality

Handling conflicts more easily

Learning to recognize and use your emotions

Increase your confidence and self-efficacy


My origin story

I have always been very curious and interested in understanding the world better, which is why I studied biology and then did my PhD. After my thesis I went into the pharmaceutical industry and worked in close contact with medical experts. For several years I have been involved in the field of personality development and this culminated in my training as a systemic coach and the founding of my own coaching company.


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